Friday, June 25, 2010

...and the drumroll, please!

In a surprise turn of events, we received the help of two handsome helpers!  
Rachael, of Hello Earth, captures the comical climax of our giveaway:

(Yay for romantic partners who play along with our zany ideas!)

Congratulations Carma of Carma Sez!

Carma, you are the lucky winner of:
  1. Three original art pieces or prints by the talented artist at Hello Earth;
  2. Three handcrafted and finely detailed wallflowers by Lilac Saloon; and
  3. An appliquéd clutch purse with sparrow signature detail and single snap enclosure, crafted from vintage linens.
We hope that you'll enjoy your prizes!  Your items will be mailed to you separately,
so you can look forward to an enticing sequence of deliveries.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

I continue to be boggled by the blogosphere's capacity to connect us, despite the boundaries of our geography.
I appreciate that each of you took the time to stop by and share your favorite summer pleasures!

I also really enjoyed collaborating with the two enthusiastic new artists,
Lilac Saloon and Hello Earth.  Thanks girls!

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  1. You are all so talented and I will truly treasure my goodies :-)


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