Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrate Your Beautiful, Creative Self!

The "Summer Begins" giveaway is officially on!  

To enter, visit my contest page or click the banner to the left.  

Good luck! 

I love the summer growth & renewal theme - yes, because it signifies an beloved seasonal benchmark - but also because of the symbolic value of summer's re-emergence.

As artists and crafters, we often experience a kind of internal "opening up" and "blossoming" through the practice our art... a metamorphosis not unlike the unfolding of peonies' petals and ripe red buds stretching to the sun.

To me, this is one of the most amazing aspects of creation: that in the process of crafting something new, the artist undergoes a fantastical transformation herself.

To celebrate the flourishing nature of creative play and the luscious warmth of the growing season, we are sharing our creative endeavors with you!

As an entrant, I hope that you will be inspired by our summer theme.  Consider your own flowering experience: the people, places and actions that have inspired your own growth.  And don't forget to appreciate how beautiful you've become along the way!

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