Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exciting Events Are Around the Corner!

It`s been a few days since my last post, largely because I`ve been holding my breath to share some very exciting news!  Since the official declaration isn`t quite ready yet, I feel compelled to at least share a teaser with you:

I`ve joined up with two amazing artists for a an extra special giveaway contest!  Our official announcement will be launched very, very soon - so stay tuned!  It`s going to be GREAT!  Just wait until you hear what our theme will be and who my mystery teamsters are!

Another exciting bit of news is that Wardrobe Refashion has just re-opened registration for new pledges. WR is a site dedicated to clothing re-construction and the re-purposing of materials.  To take the pledge meas to stop buying new clothing items (handmade and work uniforms are excepted) and to instead take advantage of existing or second-hand materials to flex your eco-friendly and frugal fashionista skills. 

Wardrobe Refashion is a site where I`ve long been a skulker but never a poster.  With the Wild Sparrow blog now available for a personal project forum, it`s time for me to quit fooling and make a pledge!

It seems like great timing, too.  Wardrobe Refashion  is going through a major overhaul as the website moves to its new domain at and a whole new arena of subscriber benefits becomes available.  You can visit the Wardrobe Refashion update info here to learn more about the new changes.  The new round of Wardrobe Refashion pledges begins July 2010.

I`m very excited about these new projects and I can`t wait to share it all with you soon!!

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  1. It does certainly sound like exciting times are coming up for you. Congratulations!
    I've enjoyed looking through your blog and look forward to seeing your work when it's listed in your shop. You have a great way of writing your posts.
    Thanks for becoming a Follower. :)


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