Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love Makes It Cute

First off, let me tell you that I have a wonderful husband.  Yes, yes, I know that you're husband (wife/partner/other) is wonderful, too.  But mine is really wonderful.

This is a man who brings me breakfast in bed for no reason other than he was up before me.  Who, while I was in university and constantly running 20 mins behind, always had my lunch, books, a steaming travel mug of Caf Lib and a kiss waiting for me at the door.  Who built me a custom composting station and rain water basin for a previous birthday and is refinishing a vintage bicycle for my coming birthday (*swoon* all worth more than gold in my book).  He even agreed to let me gut our storage room and declare it my "Studio" ...on the condition that he could finally put a punching bag in our living room - well, okay..!  And of course - you were expecting this one - he puts up with me and all of my shenanigans.

I'm still in the never-ending process of organizing my studio space.  For a work table, I mounted an old door onto a wooden shelving unit that we'd cut in half (actually, these shelves used to constitute "the pantry" - which is another amusing title due to the cozy nature of our one-bedroom suite).  Since the shelves made the work space pretty high and I wasn't willing to sacrifice an inch of crafty storage space, we sought out an appropriately tall chair at a local thrift shop.  All excited, I brought the chair home, grandly placed it before the table and ...Voila!  It was perfect!  Just the right height for me to work comfortably for hours on crafty projects.

Only later did I realize one important defect:  my feet couldn't reach the sewing machine pedals!

So I asked my wonderful husband - his name is Kye, btw - if he could please make a stool for my sewing machine and serger pedals.  He likes to do handy things, which is a handy thing for me.  My special request was that it have a wooden bar along the top back edge to prevent me from kicking off the pedals (or whatever... I have a knack for such silliness.).

So while I was busy doing something else, he used some scrap wood to construct a special little stool just for me.  Then he came and got me and showed me my surprise.

Here it is!
(in front of a fabric stash)

How adorable is this stool?!

Okay, so this little baby will never sit in a museum or be sold for hundreds of dollars.

It will not suite everybody's artistic or decorative preferences.

But I love it.

And I think it's wonderful.  And sweet.  And cute.

Love Makes It Cute.   :)


  1. Thanks Sweets! but you didn't mention that it would have looked alot better if I had had proper cutting tools, I used a little jigsaw that could hardly cut and the blade kept coming out!

    But your right Love makes it Cute!

  2. I'm so glad you visited my blog because I certainly enjoyed this post. What a great guy you have ... but that's what a marriage is made of ... selfless love!

    Like you, I loved to sew. Starting in middle school (which was known as the dark ages) I sewed as many of my clothes as possible, including my double-knit polyester mini skirt and top that I wore for my wedding! I still have my Bernina and my Baby Lock Serger ... realizing that good tools make all the difference. I'll be back to visit. You're pretty spunky!

  3. I think it is a lovely stool and good enouch for any museum too! How wonderful to have a husband who sees the world from your eyes. Cherrie

  4. aww, that is really, really sweet. and cute. and what a wonderful husband!!

  5. Thank you so much! Yes, I am incredibly lucky! I believe that whenever we are fortunate enough to experience real love in our lives, we are blessed. Love is a wonderful thing to enjoy and to celebrate. :)

  6. Such a cute stool! I love it. And I love your husband for being so loving to you

  7. Awww....Love the stool...soooo cute.. You are sooo
    Kisses and hugs to you both,


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