Friday, May 21, 2010

Feed Your Soul

I highly encourage you to visit Liz Kalloch`s art on and print off this beautiful artwork.  (Trust me, this small attachment doesn`t do it justice!)

Mount it in a frame or add it to your inspiration board - love it and enjoy it.   

Kalloch`s piece reads “We are most alive in this world when we bloom with total abandon.
I had just finished reading this post  at Sharon`s Jewelry Garden when I happened to click on an old bookmark.  Although I didn`t recall at the time where the bookmark linked to, it was in a Creative File I`d labeled “Inspirations.”  (Do you collect gazillions of Creative bookmarks like I do, or am I a lone virtual pack rat?)

It seems to me now that it was wonderfully serendipitous to have come across this beautiful artwork and its inspirational inscription at precisely that moment.
Remember that you can accomplish the most amazing acts and become capable of unknown abilities when you let yourself free of self-imposed boundaries.

Please print it, love it, enjoy it.


  1. Oh, thank you so much for linking my blog about growing! I do believe we all have the potential to bloom as artists with the proper care and feeding, preferably lots of chocolate!

    Here's to you, Wild Sparrow, and all the lovely blooming artists in the world, may we always share our beauty (and growing pains!) with others.

  2. Really really beautiful artwork, thanks for


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